Wifi solutions: hotspots, extended reception,

Wifi reception: Gites, hotels, buildings…..

Very often a standard wifi connection between your computer and your internet box is not good enough.exempleWifi
The local architecture in out region of the Lot, with it’s traditional stone walls can make wifi links from one room to another more complicated. There are solutions to improve your wifi cover in difficult places or separate buildings.
I can install wifi connections which amplify week signals. It is also possible to provide sockets (CPL) which send the internet signal via electric cables.

In certain cases, as in the example below, installation of wifi are more complicated. By installing a master antenna which sends signals at a 360 degree angle, and around slaves receivers which send the received signal to local wifi spot who finally feeds your computer .

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This example shows a complex of 5 gites spread out around the swimming pool, in an area of woodland where the signal are weak.

Please contact me with your particular difficulties.

Gites, guest houses, hotels, offices etc are called upon by their clients these days to provide a ‘hotspot’ or a access to wifi.

I am available to visit your site and discuss with you, in the Catus region, including Cahors, Puy l’Eveque, Salviac, Douelle and Cazals.

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